Oil, cottonseed, salad or cooking

Fun Facts

  1. Cottonseed oil (CSO) is a versatile vegetable oil that does not require hydrogenation, thus allowing restaurants and food manufacturers to prepare healthy trans-free foods with cottonseed oil.
  2. According to American Heart Association, unsaturated vegetable oils like CSO are “heart healthy” when used in moderation.
  3. Cotton seed oil has a 2:1 ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acids. Its fatty acid profile generally consists of:
    About 70% unsaturated fatty acids
    18% monounsaturated (oleic acid)
    52% polyunsaturated (linoleic, an essential fatty acid)
    About 26% saturated fatty acids (primarily palmitic and some stearic)
  4. Cotton seed oil is a good source of the essential fatty acids. CSO is typical of the oleic-linoleic group of vegetable oils, because of the high levels of these two unsaturated fatty acids present in the oil. Oleic is the most notable monounsaturated fatty acid (containing one carbon-to-carbon double bond).

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