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Fun Facts

  1. Eyeball any salad-dressing label, and oil is one of the top ingredients. Unfortunately, the bulk of oils used in non organic salad dressings today come from genetically engineered soy or canola, crops that have never been tested for their impact on human health.
  2. Scientists recently discovered that ingesting high-fructose corn syrup for just 6 weeks made lab animals less smart. While you’d expect this processed, brain-draining sweetener in candy, you might be surprised to find it in many salad dressings sold under many popular and higher-end brands, like Girard’s Blue Cheese.
  3. Titanium dioxide, a go-to substance in the paint industry to make colors brighter, is also a common ingredient in salad dressings for the same reason—it makes the ingredients (some of them fake) seem fresher.
  4. Trans fats are dangerous industrialized fats that your taste buds love but your body hates, thanks to the ingredient’s tendency to promote heart disease.

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