Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk, low moisture

Fun Facts

  1. With mozzarella, meltability is priority numero uno. We want our cheese to spread out in a rich, gooey blanket over out pizza. Premature crust formation is a major fault. When you cut a pie into individual slices, the mozzarella should ooze cleanly around the knife.
  2. Meltability is what mozzarella is all about—if it don’t got the stretch, then tasters will kvetch. If it’s nice and elastic, then it’s all fantastic. If it ain’t gooey, then I say phooey.
  3. The overriding factor in how well the cheeses melted was their fat content. Whole milk mozzarella, like the one pictured on the right, spread into an even layer that stayed moist and stretchy even when slightly browned. Skim or part skim mozzarella, on the other hand, formed the unattractive sheets that you see on the left when even lightly browned.
  4. Amongst the whole milk cheeses, we’d happily take any of the options we tasted. Similarly, amongst the skims, there were no real superstars or low-liers.
  5. Crafted using the pasta filata method, this naturally mild, versatile cheese has a buttery taste and pliable texture that make it a chef’s favorite in Italian dishes. Mozzarella’s delicate flavor is a classic anchor for pizza and pairs beautifully with Boar’s Head Sweet Slice® Ham on a slider.

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