Cheese, monterey

Fun Facts

  1. The Monterey Jack cheese originates from Monterey, California hence the name. In its earliest form Monterey Jack was made by the Mexican Franciscan friars during the 19th century.
  2. David Jack, a Californian businessman, produced a mild, white cheese which he sold commercially as “Jack’s Cheese” which later became known as “Monterey Jack”.
  3. Monterey Jack is typically a semihard cheese, pale yellow in colour and made using cow’s milk, however some Monterey Jack has annatto (vegetable dye) added to enhance its orange colouring.
  4. This cheese is great for melting on pizzas, sourdough or your favourite toasted sandwich. Monterey Jack does not prodcue excess oils and fats when melted.
  5. Due to Monterey Jack having a low content of tyramine, an organic compound associated with headaches, it is frequently recommended as one of the very few cheeses that is safe to eat for migraine sufferers.

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