Cheese, limburger

Fun Facts

  1. This food is infamous for its strong odor and pungent flavor. Click through the pages below to read five weird facts about Limburger cheese.
  2. the cheese is crumbly like feta. After three months, though, it’s spreadable and has developed its signature pungent smell.
  3. Swiss immigrants in Green County, Wisc. pioneered the Wisconsin cheese trade back in 1840. Rudolph Benkerts began producing the first Limburger cheese in 1867 at home.
  4. Chalet Cheese in Monroe, Wisc. is the last U.S. cheese plant to still make Limburger. Fifty years ago, hundreds of Wisconsin cheese plans produced the stinky stuff.
  5. During the cheese-making process, it’s washed frequently with a brine that contains bacteria boosters. Accordingly, the cheese continues to ripen with age — kind of like wine.

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