Cheese, gouda

Fun Facts

  1. Gouda is a cheese named for the Dutch city of Gouda, though “Gouda” has become more of a broad term and not associated with the city.
  2. Gouda is defined as a semi-hard cheese; these types of cheeses usually have a mild flavor, though can sometimes be smoked for a richer taste. Gourmet Gouda may be flavored with herbs, cracked pepper or garlic.
  3. In a tradition dating back to 1668, farmers from neighboring towns would bring their cheese to the “Waag” or weigh house in the town of Gouda. Every Thursday morning, a “cheese weighing” ceremony took place and became a bonafide tourist attraction; participants even got to sample genuine Gouda cheese.
  4. Gouda is made from cow’s milk that is heated and cultured until the whey and curds separate. The curds are gathered and pressed into round molds that resemble wheels.
  5. There are four types of Gouda; baby Gouda, which usually has a red wax coating and an extremely mild flavor because of its minimal aging time; goat’s milk Gouda, which has a sharper taste due to the use of goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk; American Gouda most resembles the Dutch original and can be found in most supermarkets

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