Cheese, cream

Fun Facts

  1. Cream cheese is among the most versatile cheeses. It is a common ingredient in sweet and savory dishes and has flavors that can be enhanced by adding everything from fresh herbs and vegetables to fruits, chocolate and smoked fish. Cream cheese comes in various types and textures, all available at most supermarkets nationwide.
  2. lock cream cheese is also sold whipped for easy spreading, and can come in many flavors, both natural and artificial.
  3. Neufchatel cheese, the inspiration for conventional block cream cheese, originated in Neufchatel-en-Bray, France in the mid-1500s. Over the next few centuries, it became one of France’s most renowned cheeses.
  4. Cream cheese is served as a spread for crackers, bagels, or celery. It also adds richness and flavor to savory sauces. When seasoned with herbs, it can be used to stuff chicken breasts, or it can be mixed with sweeteners and other flavorings for pie and cheesecake fillings. Cream cheese whipped with sugar also makes a quick and easy cake frosting.

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