Infant formula, MEAD JOHNSON, ENFAMIL, PROSOBEE, with iron, powder, not reconstituted

Fun Facts

  1. A Neuro Complete™ blend of nutrients that are also found in breast milk.
  2. Has a DHA and ARA blend shown* to foster a child’s learning ability up to age 52.
  3. Proven† in a published, randomized, controlled trial to reduce frequency and volume of regurgitation by more than 50%.
  4. Meets reflux reduction guidance of the American Academy of Pediatrics1.
  5. Nutritionally balanced with a nutrient profile similar to routine infant formula.
  6. Less caloric and more nutritionally balanced than adding rice cereal to formula.
  7. Blend of prebiotics to help support digestive health.
  8. Viscosity in the bottle is 10 times that of routine formula4, yet flows freely through most standard nipples.
  9. Enfamil A.R. thickens further when introduced into an acidic environment like the stomach—12 times thicker vs. Enfamil A.R. in the bottle.

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