Infant formula, MEAD JOHNSON, ENFAMIL, NUTRAMIGEN, with iron, powder, not reconstituted

Fun Facts

  1. A Neuro Complete™ blend of nutrients that are also found in breast milk.
  2. Has a DHA and ARA blend shown* to foster a child’s learning ability up to age 51.
  3. Provides 400 IU of vitamin D in just 27 fl oz—close to the approximate daily intake of a newborn.
  4. Milk-based infant formula patterned after early breast milk.
  5. Easy-to-digest, 80:20 whey-to-casein protein blend.
  6. A dual prebiotics blend—GOS (galactooligosaccharides) and polydextrose—to support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, which emerging science suggests can help support the immune system.
  7. The same DHA level as Enfamil Infant, similar to worldwide breast milk averages5,†, to support mental, visual and immune system development.

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