Cheese, colby

Fun Facts

  1. Colby is like a cousin to cheddar – golden in color, but often marbled with Monterey Jack or white cheddar
  2. Colby has a mild flavor and pairs great with apples, pears, onions, tomatoes, beef, turkey, chicken, red wines, and lager or pilsner beers.
  3. Colby is a Wisconsin Original cheese, first crafted in the central Wisconsin town of Colby back in 1885 by Joseph F. Steinwand.
  4. Wisconsin is home to 38 manufacturers of colby cheese and has 12 Master Cheesemakers of colby.
  5. Colby is among the fastest-growing cheese varieties included on sandwiches and burgers in U.S. restaurants.
  6. Wisconsin cheesemakers have won numerous awards for colby.
  7. Colby plays wells with others and is often packaged in shreds, complementing one or more other cheese varieties.
  8. Wisconsin crafts about 40 different types and styles of colby, including cranberry, dill, garlic & onion, jalapeño, olive & chive, taco, smoked and more.

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