Babyfood, pretzels

Fun Facts

  1. Pretzels are a snack food, which have unique shapes and a hard, shiny outer surface. They are mass produced using primarily automated machinery. First developed in the seventh century, pretzels have been called one of the world’s oldest snack food.
  2. The pretzel market has grown in recent years because pretzels are considered a more healthy, fat-free snack.
  3. The typical pretzel has a pleasant cracker-like flavor, a crisp, brittle texture and a brown glossy surface color. Salt crystals are often sprinkled on its surface to make them taste more appealing.
  4. Pretzels have a moisture content of anywhere from 2-4% and therefore have a very long shelf life.
  5. While the two-looped knot shaped, hard pretzels may be the most popular kind of pretzel, there are other kinds which are sold. Soft pretzels are also manufactured. These products typically have a much higher moisture content than hard pretzels and are usually larger. They also have a shorter shelf life. Other shapes are also produced such as thick and thin rods, pretzel rings, and loops.

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