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Fun Facts

  1. One of the first Big Food brands to market baby “finger foods” to Moms was General Mills’ Cheerios. With 1g of sugar and 2g of dietary fiber (in a 3/4 cup serving) it’s arguably one of the healthier choices among processed cereals.
  2. Gerber Graduate Puffs are fairly similar to Cheerios (both contain GMOs and have 1g added sugar), Gerber’s version is definitely more processed by virtue of using some refined grains, having no fiber, and adding “natural” flavors.
  3. Nestlé steps up their infant snacking game with Gerber Graduates “yogurt melts.”
  4. If the fact that Nestlé is serving up candy to crawlers isn’t appalling enough, take a look at Gerber’s lil’ crunchers. OMG, I can’t believe this–Nestlé is selling cheese puffs to infants with a front label claim “supports HEALTHY GROWTH & development.

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