Babyfood, fruit dessert, mango with tapioca

Fun Facts

  1. The room door of a newborn baby is adorned with mango leaves to signify the sweetness and joy in giving birth to a son.
  2. Did you know that mangoes are a symbol of attainment? It is one of the most interesting facts about mangoes, the king of fruits.
  3. The Classical Indian poet, Kalidasa sang the praise of mangoes during his time. It was known as the ‘Dynasty Of Raghu’.
  4. Not only is the mango fruit a national importance in India, but also in Pakistan and the Philippines too.
  5. The interesting fact about mangoes is that it stands for love. According to Hindu mythology, an evil sorceress had burnt the sun princess to ashes from which grew the mango tree. An emperor fell in love with the mango flower and fruit of that tree. So when the ripened mango fell to the ground, it turned into a beautiful princess.

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