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Fun Facts

  1. Sebago
    (the most common variety) – we’re an all-purpose potato with smooth, thin, creamy-white skin and white flesh. We’re generally round to oval in shape with shallow eyes and are excellent for boiling, mashing and baking and are popular when made into French fries.
  2. Pontiac
    We have a bright red thin skin (which is difficult to peel due to our deep eyes). We’re roundish in shape with a moist, white flesh, and deep set eyes. We’re excellent for boiling, roasting, baking and for salads as we don’t darken after cooking.
  3. Desiree
    We’re long and oval with a smooth, waxy, pinkish red skin with creamy-yellow flesh. We’re very versatile as we can be baked, boiled, mashed, microwaved, roasted and are also great in salads.
  4. Pink Fir Apple
    We’re a tubular-shaped potato with a pinkish skin and firm, waxy, creamy-white flesh. We originated in France and love to be boiled, baked and microwaved.

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