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Fun Facts

  1. Nutritious foods are high in demand. Americans consume 1.7 ounces of beef daily, on average, so today’s leaner beef offers consumers the flavor they crave and the nutrition they need all in one delicious package.
  2. Supplying consumers with leaner beef that simultaneously delivers on nutrition, flavor, safety and convenience is the result of a successful collaboration spanning at least four decades.
  3. Today, 65% of the beef cuts sold in U.S. meatcases is lean and there are 38 cuts of lean beef for consumers to enjoy. These cuts offer consumers more beef options suited to their needs for nutrition, flavor and cooking methods of choice and convenience.
  4. Whether you prefer an easy steak wrap on the go, or beef stir-fry with the family, there are plenty of lean beef options to fit into your personal diet. Americans are able to enjoy a variety of lean beef and other health food options, thanks to farmers, ranchers, packers, processors, researchers, nutrition professionals and even consumers who have worked together to help shape the evolution of today’s lean beef.

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