Babyfood, meat, ham, junior

Fun Facts

  1. 48 % of this foods calories come from fat. Dietary guidelines suggest less than 30% of your diet should contain fat.
  2. 48 % of calories from protein. Between 10% to 35% of protein is recommended.
  3. Baby foods are very high priced compared to similar regular foods. Baby foods cost far more per ounce than conventional national brands or supermarket brands. For example, parents often pay more than double for baby food fruit juices and applesauce.
  4. Prepare your own baby foods whenever possible. With a blender or food processor it is easy to make a purée of most foods. Soft foods, like bananas, can be mashed with a fork. All foods, with the exception of bananas, should be well cooked. Refrigerate any foods that are not used right away. You can make large batches of baby foods, freeze them in ice-cube trays or small containers, and thaw them as needed.

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