Vinegar, balsamic

Fun Facts

  1. Balsamic is aged in special barrels made of different wood – each type of wood imparts a different taste and even the order in which the vinegar is moved from barrel to barrel impacts the final flavour.
  2. To make balsamic vinegar grapes are harvested between 2nd and 4th week of September, squeezed, boiled at 80-90 degrees for 24 hours, then the final 10% or so of sediment is skimmed.
  3. The vinegar spends 2 months in metal containers which are opened to relieve the pressure from fermentation from time to time otherwise they’d probably explode.
  4. Cheaper supermarket ‘balsamic’ is usually up to 30% balsamic, that’s mixed with other vinegars.
  5. The high quality balsamics start their lives in cherry tree (ciliegio) or oak barrels.
  6. Here in Italy good balsamic is used not just as a condiment but as a medicine to aid digestion, for colds and other health purposes.

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