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Fun Facts

  1. Rosemary was relocated to England by the Romans in the eighth century, primarily in the southern part of the country. Charlemagne ordered rosemary to be grown on his farms in the tenth-century Spain. It was introduced to the New World by early immigrants, but in the northern regions they must protected in the winter months.
  2. Rosemary is an evergreen bush that grows to a height of two to six feet with pale blue flowers and spiky leathery leaves (all varieties have leaves that resemble pine needles). The leaves are glossy green on the top and lighter, gray-green underneath. In mild climates you will see rosemary bushes used as a boarder plant.
  3. The reason for its popularity is its aromatic fragrance and the essential oil scent of camphor. Many experts relate the fragrance to pine needles that is slightly resinous with a sweet scent. It is described as having a very bold flavor.
  4. Rosemary can reproduce either from the seeds or cuttings.

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