Spices, caraway seed

Fun Facts

  1. Caraway develops erect stem with numerous branches that can reach 31 inches in height.
  2. Caraway has feathery leaves. They are finely divided, light green-colored and aromatic.
  3. Caraway produces small, white or pink flowers. They are arranged in umbels (type of inflorescence composed of numerous flowers that grow from the same point). Insects are responsible for the pollination of flowers.
  4. Fruit of caraway is dry achene. It is dark green or brown colored and covered with 5 miniature ridges on the surface.
  5. Even though they are known as “caraway seed”, people actually use fruit of caraway as spice.
  6. Caraway has sweet and pungent taste. Carvone and limonene are essential oils extracted from the fruit of caraway that are responsible for the anise-like and lemony flavor of this plant.
  7. Caraway is often confused with cumin. These two spices can be distinguished by color (caraway is darker), size (cumin has larger seed) and taste (caraway is less spicy).

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