Yogurt, Greek, non fat, vanilla, DANNON OIKOS

Fun Facts

  1. In fact, this little pot packs more sugar than you’ll find in a Double Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut from Dunkin’. To top it off, their ingredients list is less than appetizing, including: milk, water, sugar, modified cornstarch, carob bean gum, lactic acid and sodium citrate. So while it does contain those active cultures we love, there are better options for your morning parfait.
  2. If you’re choosing plain, Oikos gets the green light from us. Low sugar, high protein: that’s the winning combo in any yogurt. Just steer clear of their fruit flavors: Blackberry has more sugar than actual blackberry and Pomegranate uses questionable additives potassium sorbate and calcium lactate.
  3. Sometimes you need something slightly sweet in the morning. If you’re looking for something beyond a bare yogurt, Dannon’s vanilla makes our list and their cherry version was given a thumbs up in our Eat This, Not That! 2015 edition. You won’t find much higher protein counts or lower sugar counts in flavored yogurts.
  4. Yoplait’s Greek yogurt isn’t exactly authentic. But more than that, the high-sugar/low-protein combination will not have you powering through the day as you’d hope and, sadly, won’t help you stave off those mid-morning donut cravings.

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