Queso cotija

Fun Facts

  1. One of the main ingredients in this fabulous concoction is Cotija, a very salty cheese which is eaten fresh or aged. It doesn’t melt, so it is primarily grated or crumbled and used as a flavor enhancer on refried beans, tostadas, tacos, salads, soups and chili.
  2. After trying my hand at a Queso Asadero, which is supposed to be similar to mozzarella in texture (but came out a queso blanco) I realized I needed to know a bit more before attempting a harder cheese that takes time to develop. I did not want to risk wasting precious goat’s milk. So I attended a cheese party at Pineheaven Farm. This was definitely helpful. Thus, I tried a Mexican cheese called Cotija.
  3. This cheese is a very salty cheese crumbled atop tacos, beans, enchiladas, corn, soups. Pretty much sprinkle it on anything you want to accent with a salty creamy garnish. Cotija is traditionally made with cows milk. It was created in Cotija, Michoacán in Central Mexico.
  4. Dissolve the rennet in the cool water. Slowly add this to the milk mixture, allowing the mixer to stir the milk mixture for another 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the mixture from heat.

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