Rutabagas, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Rutabagas are just known as rutabagas within the U.S. Through the entire world, they are referred to as swedes. This particular regular root veggie is believed to have originated from Bohemia within the 17th hundred years like a hybrid between the turnip as well as wild cabbage. Rutabagas are members of the cabbage family known as “cruciferous vegetables”.
  2. Rutabaga is really a bulbous root vegetable which bears a similarity to turnip, yet originated a lot more lately compared to turnip. It really is thought that rutabaga is really a crossbreed of the wild cabbage as well as turnip.
  3. Rutabaga is really a cruciferous veggie. It includes phytochemicals which eliminate carcinogens through the body as well as assist the liver process harmful toxins. One particular compound, glucosinolate, may possibly prevent the development of cancerous tumors. Rutabaga can also be a excellent method of obtaining anti-oxidants, that really help avoid free radical injury to our cells and DNA.
  4. A single serving of rutabaga provides about 12% the DV of fiber. Fiber is important to colon health, digestion and maintaining a proper metabolic process.

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