Radishes, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Radish plant can reach 6 feet in height and 3 feet in width. Size of the root depends on the variety.
  2. Rounded varieties are usually 1 inch wide, cylindrical types are 7 inches long, while carrot-like varieties grow to the size of 24 inches. Biggest ever recorded radish (root) had 3 feet in length and 100 pounds of weight.
  3. Radish has green, strap-like or lobed leaves arranged in the form of rosette.
  4. Radish produces white flowers arranged in racemose inflorescence. Insects are main pollinators of the flowers.
  5. Fruit of radish is edible pod filled with seed.
  6. Radish is usually cultivated because of its edible root. Color, size, shape and taste of root depend on the variety. Best known types are white, pink, red, purple, yellow and green colored.
  7. Radish grows quickly. Seed starts to germinate 3 to 4 days after planting and radish can be harvested 3 to 6 weeks later.

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