Pumpkin, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt

Fun Facts

  1. The largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed 2,020 pounds.
    Pumpkin pie originated in the colonies, just not as we know it today. Colonists would cut the tops of pumpkins off, remove the seeds, and fill the pumpkins with milk, spices, and honey, and bake them in hot ashes.
  2. Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds.
    And they take between 90 and 120 days to grow. High in iron, they can be roasted to eat. The flowers that grow on pumpkin vines are also edible.
  3. Delaware hosts an annual “Punkin Chunkin” championship.
    Teams compete in a pumpkin launching competition, where pumpkins are shot almost 5,000 feet from an air cannon.
  4. There are over 45 different varieties of pumpkin.
    They range in color like red, yellow, and green, and have names like Hooligan, Cotton Candy, and Orange Smoothie.
  5. Pumpkins are fruits.
    More specifically, they are a winter squash in the family Cucurbitacae, which includes cucumbers and melons.

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