Potato flour

Fun Facts

  1. Potato starch is the starch the comes from potatoes that has been dried. It can be used as a thickener and also in gluten free baked goods.
  2. Potato starch can be used in gravy, sauces, and soup as a thickener. In some things it does change the texture, so I am carefully what I use it in. I do love it for gluten free sausage gravy though.
  3. Potato starch is also used in gluten free baking. It lightens the texture of gluten free baked goods and tends to give them more of an airy texture. It works great in things like gluten free biscuits and gluten free rolls.
  4. Potato starch has to be combined with other gluten free flours in baking. Like most gluten free flours and starches, you cannot replace flour with only potato starch. It needs the structure and characteristics of other flours and starches to produce the right results.

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