Nutritional supplement for people with diabetes, liquid

Fun Facts

  1. Nutritional supplements are not medications. They “fill in the nutritional gaps” in a well-rounded diet, Somer says. “Nothing more.” They help us reach daily nutritional needs that are tough to meet with food alone.
  2. “Supplements can’t replace a healthy diet,” Salge Blake says. “You need to look at them as a tool, something you take on top of eating right.” When healthy adults get most of their nutrients from their food, they can generally trust their bodies to absorb what they need.
  3. Like other food sellers, supplement manufacturers are eager to capitalize on heightened consumer interest in natural foods by touting their “all natural” bona fides, such as the addition of ingredients like enzymes or primrose oil.
  4. The supplement may not be right — or safe — for you.
  5. For healthy adults, a multivitamin is sufficient (with some exceptions).

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