Fat free ice cream, no sugar added, flavors other than chocolate

Fun Facts

  1. Turn around any container of ice cream and you’ll likely see on the Nutrition Facts label that the serving size is a half cup. A level half cup. That’s the same size as those little single-serving containers of Jello pudding or Activia yogurt. Yep, four or five bites and it’s all over.
  2. It’s difficult to know exactly how much added sugar a serving of ice cream contains because the number you see for grams of sugar on the Nutrition Facts label includes added sugars as well as the naturally-occurring (and Pritikin-friendly) sugars from the milk and fruit ingredients.
  3. Suffice it to say that if you’re sticking with fat-free ice creams and frozen yogurts that have 100 calories or fewer per serving, you’re probably not getting more than 3 teaspoons of added sugar.
  4. The problem is, it’s really tough, if not impossible, to find ice creams that are both fat-free and sugar-free. And with sugar-free ice creams, you’re often getting a fair amount of fat, especially heart-damaging saturated fat. So the better choice, usually, is fat-free ice creams and frozen yogurts that keep calorie count (and therefore added sugars) relatively low.

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