Ice cream cookie sandwich

Fun Facts

  1. What is ice-cream made of? Just as you would guess, most ice creams are made with frozen cream, combined with sugar, milk and different inclusions to make each yummy flavor.
  2. Who eats the most ice cream? On average, each person in the UK eats around 7 litres of ice cream every year – which seems like a lot! However – compare that with around 14 litres per person per year enjoyed in Finland and 27 litres in America. New Zealanders seem to love ice cream the most, eating around 28 litres each a year!
  3. Did you know? People in Scotland and Northern Ireland eat more ice cream on average than those in England and Wales.
  4. Lickalicious! Surveys say it takes an average of 50 licks to finish a single scoop of ice cream. How many licks does it take you?!
  5. The most popular ice cream topping is chocolate syrup. What’s your favourite?
  6. Moo! One dairy cow can produce enough milk for 34,000 litres of ice cream in her lifetime!

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