Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate

Fun Facts

  1. The people of Scotland and Northern Ireland eat more ice cream on average than those in England and Wales.
  2. On average, each person in the UK eats 9 litres of ice cream every year; sounds a lot but the Scandinavians eat more with the Americans topping the chart at 20 litres per year!
  3. Surveys have shown that men are more likely to choose ice cream as a dessert than women.
  4. Ice Cream Sundaes were created when it became illegal to sell ice cream with flavoured soda on a Sunday in the American town of Evanston during the late 19th century.
  5. Most ice cream contains more milk protein weight for weight than is present in milk itself.
  6. Today most ice creams contain only around 5% fat and plenty of calcium, minerals and vitamins.
  7. While many people are only aware of a handful of ice cream companies there are over 1,000 in the U.K. producing hundreds of flavours. Despite this fact, vanilla remains the favourite being chosen nine times out of ten.

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