Yogurt, frozen, flavors not chocolate, nonfat milk, with low-calorie sweetener

Fun Facts

  1. Few desserts are as satisfying, light, and refreshing as frozen yogurt. And although some brands may be as sugary and fat-laden as ice cream, many frozen yogurts offer health benefits.
  2. When you make frozen yogurt at home, with or without an ice cream maker depending on the recipe, you can control the types and amounts of sweeteners (a zero-calorie sweetener like stevia can be great for this!).
  3. Looking for lactose-free frozen yogurt? Use a vegan option like coconut yogurt. Coconut is especially amazing because it’s high in fat, which means a creamier texture and fuller flavor.
    This coconut frozen yogurt is unbelievably rich not just because of the tropical fruit but dark cocoa powder, maple syrup, and raw pecans.
  4. The best vanilla frozen yogurts are flecked with black specks of vanilla bean. But you can take it to a whole other level by adding a splash of bourbon too.

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