Cheese, white, queso blanco

Fun Facts

  1. Queso blanco along with other similar cheeses including queso fresco is a creamy, soft, and mild unaged white cheese, commonly used in the Iberian Peninsula, several Latin American countries including Mexico and many parts of the United States.
  2. It is sometimes made by pressing the whey from cottage cheese, but more often it is made by heating whole fresh milk to near-boiling, adding an acidifying agent such as vinegar, stirring until curds form, then draining the curds in cheesecloth for three to five hours.If it is pressed, and more water is removed, it becomes known as queso seco. It is similar to (if slightly more acidic than) pot cheese and farmer cheese.
  3. Queso blanco is traditionally made from cow’s milk, whereas queso fresco may be made from a combination of cow’s and goat’s milk. They may both be eaten straight or mixed in with various dishes. Some versions of these cheeses, such as Queso Oaxaca, melt well when heated, but most only soften.
  4. Queso blanco and queso fresco make a creamy addition to recipes, and are often used as a topping for spicy Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and empanadas, or crumbled over soups or salads.

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