Cheese, fresh, queso fresco

Fun Facts

  1. This mild tasting cheese is the most popular cheese South of the Border–both for snacking and cooking. It is wonderful to cook with because unlike American-type cheeses, it will become soft and creamy when heated, but will not melt! With this cheese you can make cheesier stuffed chicken breasts, stuffed peppers, enchiladas and burritos! For a delicious, simple treat, cube the cheese and fry it on a hot skillet (recipe on package).
  2. The name of this cheese means “White Cheese with Fruit–Pineapple and Mango”. This cheese is 25% lower in fat than common cheddar cheese because its loaded with fruit pieces.
  3. The most popular fresh cheeses in Mexico. This cheese is mild, white, and crumbly. Like Queso Blanco it will not run when heated–it will get soft and creamy but will not lose its shape. The cheese is used in Mexico for many cooked dishes and is commonly crumbled over salads, tacos, chili and burritos.
  4. Very popular among people from the Caribbean. This cheese is used frequently for frying because it resists melting even more than Queso Blanco. In fact it is a variation of Queso Blanco that is similarly white and crumbly, but saltier.

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