Egg substitute, liquid or frozen, fat free

Fun Facts

  1. Egg substitutes are fat free and cholesterol free, pasteurized egg whites. They come in cardboard cartons and can be found in any regular grocery store right near the eggs. Some natural coloring is used to make egg substitues yellow and thicken them a bit, but they are 99% just egg whites.
  2. The most famous brand is Egg Beaters, but store brands are virtually identical and I usually use the least expensive, personally. Another brand is “Better Than Eggs”. You can use egg whites (just crack the eggs, separate, and discard the yolks) in any recipe of mine that calls for egg substitute, you won’t notice any difference other than color.
  3. The nutrition facts would also be the same for calories, fat, cholesterol, protein etc. whether you use egg whites or egg substitute. I used to crack a half dozen eggs every morning for my omelet, carefully separating the yolk out. But man, the cartons are way easier!
  4. Most restaurants and diners carry egg whites or Egg Beaters and will make any of their egg dishes with them. Just ask! I think one of the best diner breakfasts you can order is a veggie omelet with Egg Beaters or egg whites.

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