Yogurt, chocolate, nonfat milk, fortified with vitamin D

Fun Facts

  1. Yogurt is often included on healthy food lists… and for good reason. Yogurt is highly nutritious and is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium. It provides numerous vitamins and minerals and is relatively low in calories.
  2. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that individuals ages 9 and older consume 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day; children 4-8 years should consume 2-1/2 servings. One serving of yogurt is one 8-ounce cup or container.
  3. Yogurt is a cultured milk product that is soured and thickened by the action of specific lactic acid-producing cultures added to milk. The lactic acid produced by the culture coagulates the milk protein, thickening the milk and adding the characteristic sour flavor.
  4. When taking antibiotics, many people suffer unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea, intestinal pain and/or bloating.
  5. Yogurt is a component of the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet designed to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

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