Yogurt, fruit, lowfat, with low calorie sweetener, fortified with vitamin D

Fun Facts

  1. With obesity rates among Americans at an all-time high, many people may think they have to give up sweets in order to lose weight. But there’s good news if you love sweets: Low-calorie sweeteners offer a way to reduce calories in sweet foods and beverages, which may help you lose or maintain your weight. They also offer a way for people with diabetes to decrease their carbohydrate intake.
  2. Polyols taste like sugar, but have fewer calories than sugar.
  3. Polyols produce a low glycemic response that benefits all consumers, including those with diabetes.
  4. Calorie Reduction – Since polyols are only partially absorbed by the body, they provide fewer calories per gram than other carbohydrates. Foods made with polyols therefore can provide the desired sweetness with fewer calories.
  5. The body does not break down sucralose into calories for energy. Yet, both sugar and sucralose activate the same taste buds on your tongue.

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