Mushrooms, morel, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Morels are an easily identified fungus. Hollow from stem to crown, they have wrippled honeycomb-shaped spores throughout their fruiting body. Their color ranges from a muted grey to dark brown depending on species and simply, age. Morels impart a superior meaty and earthy hazelnut flavor with a smoky and woodsy aroma not achieved with other mushrooms.
  2. Morel mushrooms are high in both fiber and iron and contain significant amount manganese, all of which are essential nutrients required for life. These mushrooms contain more protein than most vegetables and are rich in vitamins D, E, K and B.
  3. Morel mushrooms are notably the most popular edible mushroom in the United States. These small, branched mushrooms are commonly known as “molly moochers,” “hickory chickens” and “dryland fish.”
  4. Morels have been resistant to commercial cultivation. Their sole marketability relies on wild harvesting. Unlike true mushrooms they do not have a symbiotic relationship with trees and thus can be found growing in forests throughout the Northern hemisphere.